Selmer: a law firm

for startups

The law firm Selmer has a company structure that includes both accountants and financial analysts, unique in the Norwegian legal industry, and enabling to give interdisciplinary advice. Since 2012, Selmer has been the exclusive legal partner of MESH. This long term commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation is based on Selmer’s own entrepreneurial identity, and aims at promoting value creation and success for new companies.

Specific resources for MESH members

  • Free introductory meeting upon request to discuss legal issues
  • Office hours on the first Monday every month after MESH Breakfast with two to four Selmer employees available for legal advice
  • Templates for basic legal documents such as Employee contracts, stockholders agreements, option agreements and others
  • Discount on legal fees: 25% on first 25 hours, 15% on the following hours

Office hours

The first Monday of every month, Selmer is hosting office hours immediately following MESH breakfast.

For those who have legal questions, this is a good opportunity to get some free advice. Either show up during office hours and explain your problem, or send a booking with additional information to

There is a meeting room available from 9:00 to 11:00 for office hour conversations.

Contact information

Remi Christoffer Dramstad
Senior Associate
+47 414 41 564
Expertise: Transactions and M&A, Company Law, Private Equity

Martin Berggreen Rove
Senior Lawyer
+47 950 68 150
Expertise: Dispute Resolution, Trade and Industry, Intellectual Property Rights and
Data Protection, Media and Telecom