DNB: the preferred bank

for startups

DNB aims to be the preferred bank for startups, both as a full-service bank and as a potential partner. DNB has a wide range of services for small and large, local and international companies, offering reliable advisory services and financial infrastructure.

Being the largest financial services group in Norway, with offices in 19 countries, we provide a large global network that can be valuable for companies interested in expanding internationally. DNB is a partner of several startups, tech hubs, incubators and coworking spaces in Norway, and with DNB NXT we help startups get in contact with investors (www.dnbnxt.no).

DNB Benefits as Mesh member:

As a Mesh member you now have a fast track to DNBs startup assistance. DNB’s startup specialists have helped more than 15 000 startups. Whether you are just starting out or are in the growth phase, we have the experience and expertise to help you.

Contact our startup specialists for advice on:

  • Business plan assessments
  • Different methods of raising capital
  • Private and public grants
  • Company structure
  • Company registration
  • Expansion advice
  • Marketing plans
  • Networking events
  • Strategic hiring tips
  • Financial and liquidity management
  • Tax, VAT and reporting
  • Pension and insurance
  • Bank accounts, loans, guarantees etc.
  • Vipps

Office hours

DNB’s startup specialists have weekly office hours at Mesh, which will be announced on Slack.

We are also present at the MESH breakfasts and can be contacted on Slack.

Contact information

Please get in touch with:

Erik Larsen – DNB Head of Section Startup Specialist
E-mail: erik.larsen@dnb.no / mesh@dnb.no
Tel: + 47 92819881